Accommodation Facilities

Independence, security, companionship

Heatherlie's independent living units provide modern and comfortable accommodation for those wishing to combine a pleasant and enjoyable lifestyle with security of occupation during their retirement years.

All apartments are sizeable enough for married couples, but are also ideal for those residents living on their own. Each unit features living, kitchen and dining areas, together with a bedroom, ensuite shower and toilet. All the comforts of modern conveniences are included - hot water services, electric stoves and heating, floor coverings, drapes and built-in wardrobes.

The often tedious task of clothes washing has become a social event for residents, with seven modern laundries fitted with automatic washing machines, tumble dryers and ironing facilities.

Garages by application, are available for those who wish to retain their own motor vehicle.

While all these facilities ensure residents are able to maintain their independence and privacy, there is also ample opportunity to forge new friendships and companionships.

Social events are regularly held in the community lounges, while the paved courtyards and peaceful gardens provide for frequent meeting points. The walking ramps, scooter access and lift ensure all residents and their guests, enjoy optimum mobility.

Those who may require extra support are able to access local services including meals on wheels, home care or visits from the district nurse.

The entire Koroit Street site is monitored daily by security cameras to ensure optimum safety for everyone residing at Heatherlie.


Heatherlie Homes Koroit Street - Property Plan

Heatherlie Homes Koroit Street - Apartment Plans

Heatherlie Homes Christ Church Close - Property Plan


Heatherlie Homes is a registered charity.

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