Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What does p/c/m mean?
A1. Per calendar month

Q2. What does the service fee cover?
A2.Heatherlie Council use the fortnightly or monthly service fee paid by residents for the day to day running of Heatherlie, items examples such as; electricity, gas, water rates, municipal rates etc.

Q3. How much money do I get back when I vacate the unit?
A3. This will depend on how long you have been a resident of Heatherlie. From entry to six years of occupancy you can be assured of getting a pro-rata amount returned to you on the ‘Drawdown’ component of your contribution, plus your bond & interest free loan that you gave when entering. After your 6th year of occupancy when this amount is fully drawn down, Heatherlie commences to refund you instalments of your ‘Interest Free Loan component until it is completely refunded. The bond is only refunded to you or your estate when the unit is vacated, the keys returned, and if it has been left in a good condition.

Q4. Who is Heatherlie owned by? A4. Heatherlie is owned by the Uniting Church of Australia but is independently administrated by a Board of Governance. Heatherlie is a non-denominational, multicultural community project open to fully retired persons and persons of special circumstances from Warrnambool and surrounding areas.

Q6. Do I own the unit?
A6. No, the unit remains the property of the Uniting Church but you will have a life tenancy occupancy. It will be your home as long as you decide to live there. You cannot be evicted unless you break any of the terms stipulated on the Residence and Management Contract.

Q7. Can I organise such services as Home Help or Meals on Wheels?
A7. Yes, you may wish to have any of these services that the Warrnambool City Council or other agencies provide. You may also wish to have a private provider to your unit; this is also fine however the cost of which ever service you chose is your own responsibility.

Q8. Can I bring my pet dog/cat with me?
A8. Pets are not allowed at Heatherlie.

Q9. Where do I park my car?
A9. Heatherlie has three garages at the Koroit Street site (total 36 spaces) and one garage at Henna Street (total 7 spaces). There is a refundable bond of $15,000 to use a space. Alternatively, there is plenty of city council car parking in the area.

Q10. Can I have friends and relatives stay over?
A10. You can have anyone stay in your unit as it is your own home, we do have two self contained short-stay units with linen provided which you can hire for a small cost if your friends and relatives would like to stay for a few nights.

Q11. Do I have my own washing machine?
A11. No, there is no provision in the unit to house a washing machine and dryer. Heatherlie has seven community laundries that you can use without charge and treat as your own. These may be booked for the days that a Home care person is at your unit.

Q12. Can I bring my own pot plants?
A12. The gardens at Heatherlie are very beautiful and maintained by a regular gardener. We do let you bring or buy new pot plants or outdoor setting to put outside your door, as this adds to the pleasant environment and makes your home your own as long as your pot plant or outdoor setting does not impede on any of the walkways.

Q13. What happens if I need some maintenance done on the unit?
A13. Heatherlie has a full time carpenter employed to conduct all the maintenance. If you have an issue with anything, (even changing a light globe) you just notify the office and they will send the maintenance person to your unit to rectify the problem. This has no site charge to you as it is all covered in the service fees.

Q14. Who runs Heatherlie?
A14. Heatherlie is independently administrated by a Board of Governance, who are elected members of the community. There are also various committees who oversee different areas of Heatherlie such as Buildings & Grounds, Finance, Governance, Promotions. Heatherlie also have two Executive Officers who oversee the day to day running and compliance of Heatherlie.

Q15. Are meals provided at Heatherlie?
A15. No. Heatherlie is totally independent so you will need to be self-sufficient in meal preparation, however, places such as Tasty Plate, the Archie Graham Community Centre and some restaurants provide very low cost lunches which a lot of Heatherlie residents enjoy and we are in very close proximity to the main street for restaurant access. You may have Meals on Wheels or other agencies if this is preferable.

Q16. What sort of social activities are conducted at Heatherlie?
A16. Heatherlie has its own Residents group. They organise a range of activities in the community lounge such as movies, cards, trivia, Tai Chi, exercises, men’s chat group, bocce, etc. The Community bus also picks up people for outings on a regular basis and the Resident’s group organise other bus trips for residents throughout the year.

Q17. What are the office hours?
A17. The office is open Monday to Friday between 9am to 5pm.

Q18. Who do I phone if I need help out of office hours?
A18. Heatherlie has Resident Stewards who live on the property. These Stewards avail themselves to help you with any after-hours issues. Their contact details are provided to you upon occupancy to Heatherlie.

Q19. Is there ‘Ageing in Place’ at Heatherlie?
A19. No, Heatherlie only provides independent living. There is no low or high care available here.

Q20. Do you have to be a practising Uniting Church member to be eligible to enter Heatherlie?
A20. No. Heatherlie provides accommodation for any aged person in the community regardless of denomination or religious beliefs.

Q21. How soon would I get a unit?
A21. There is a process to be followed when applying for occupancy at Heatherlie. You will initially be required to fill in an ‘Expression of Interest’ form. When a unit becomes available you will be Asked to formally apply by completing an application form. We then we ask for a medical to be completed by your GP to ascertain if you are independent enough to be able to live at Heatherlie. The last process is an informal meeting with you &/or your family, to meet with a representative of the Heatherlie House Management Committee. This determines that you fully understand the workings of Heatherlie and that your family understands what you are undertaking in your move to Heatherlie. After all this is completed Heatherlie will then make you an official offer of the next available unit. You may accept or decline this offer without prejudice in receiving another offer on the next available unit.

Q22. Can I smoke in my unit?
A22. Heatherlie has a ‘No Smoking Policy’ in all areas of Heatherlie, including your unit, grounds, community lounge, walkways, laundries & garages. If this policy not observed, you will be in breach of your occupancy agreement.

Q23. Will the unit be painted before I live in the unit?
A23. Yes, Heatherlie has a refurbishment management program for all units. As each resident leaves a full assessment inspection of the unit is conducted and the necessary refurbishments carried on the unit. This is all conducted before being offered to the next prospective resident.

Q24. What if I don’t have any capital contribution to enter Heatherlie?
A24. Heatherlie has a program in place where if you do not have all the necessary funds to enter into Heatherlie you may be granted assistance after comprehensive criteria is established of your